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            I am not a provider for any insurance company, HMO, PPO or other form of socialized medicine; I am in a private medical practice.  I understand this is rare these days, and there are fewer and fewer of us left.  I've had a bad experience "participating" in the past, since HMO's and insurance companies dictate what I can do by choosing either to pay or not to pay for virtually any service.  Once I sign that paper saying I will "participate", if they later decide they do not want to pay for a service, by law I cannot collect fees from patients for that service.  The problem is that insurance carriers often deny coverage in retrospect, leaving the physician holding the bag for services that companies arbitrarily decide they will not cover.

            We inform our patients that their care is a matter between us them, and payment is due at the time of each service.  Most insurance companies pay for most of what we do at our office, but patients always must check with their insurance first to see that they allow them to visit any physician of their choice if they wish to be covered.

            We will provide you with completed standard HCFA forms for every service we render, but it is up to you to provide these forms to your insurance and receive reimbursement.  We do no accept direct payment from any insurance provider.

            The simple fact is that - for what you will receive - our fees are not high at all. If you have a disease or condition that has been disabling for years and no physician has been able to help you, you will find that the treatment that finally makes you better is beyond value, and you'll wonder what in the world delayed your first visit and you ultimate treatment. Sound incredible? Wait and see.

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